The fight was said to have started over the type of cars used to pick both stars from theairport.

Rapper,Ice Princeand pop star,Davidoallegedly came to blows at a gig organized by nightclub ownerShina Pellerin Warri, Delta State.Reports have it that the argument started when a G-Wagon was usedto pick Davido up from the airport while a smaller saloon car was sent to pick Ice Prince.The former Choc Boy reportedly flared up at the disrespect and expressed his displeasure to the organizers.Furthermore, Ice Prince was announced to perform beforeLil Kesh, a move that angered him even more.When Davido heard of Ice Prince’s annoyance, he was said to have become angry at the ‘jealousy’ of the older star.The two stars then almost came toblows back at the hotel they were both lodged, when Davido went to bang on Ice Prince’s door and had to be dragged away from there.Even in the morning, the bad bloodwas still lingering and they had to be ushered into different parts of the airport to prevent any further altercation.As at press time, none of the two parties and the event organizers have responded to our queries on the matter.