Have you seen Kunle Afolayan’s house? Where is it located? Can it accommodate all the Afolayan family? Read and have a look.

Not long ago a famous Nigerian actor, film director, and movie producer Kunle Afolayan has decided to show his house to all who wish to see his place.

Kunle Afolayan house

He has shared photos of his house on the Instagram page. The caption contained the message to all his fans: all people should strive to their goals and try to achieve success in any possible way. Kunle Afolayan calls everybody upon pursuing their wishes.

himself as an example of such changes showing that dreams and wishes come true if you really crave for something. He has always wanted to live in a luxurious house just like American celebrities who live in Beverly Hills.

Though, except of dreaming, you should also be very hardworking, diligent, positive, responsible, and of course, have the realistic approach. He assured everybody that all Nigerians have equal chances.

E-24-7 E-24-7 shared nice photos of the mansion. We have an opportunity to see that Kunle Afolayan has a good taste, and his house is beautiful. 

His mansion is located in Lagos, in Magodo. It is so nice and big, as Kunle Afolayan family is not so small – a wife Tolu and 3 children.

The house contains private cinema, studio, swimming pool, lounge, courtyard and an office. It is a real paradise.

Hope you have understood Kunle Afolayan’s message and will soon have the same big and beautiful house. Get Motivated