Have you seen latest agbada designs for ladies? Read and see the most trendy agbada styles for ladies.

Nigerian female native styles

Despite the fact that agbada for a long time has been considered as men attire, nowadays more and more women tend to put on agbada style clothes.

Female agbada designs look not less attractive than male Nigerian cloth styles.

Such an attire can be seen on various representatives of Igbo and Yoruba nations, mainly in southwest Nigeria, Benin, West Africa.

Celebrities are not an exception. Look how gorgeous is Toke Makinwa in this stylish white agbada gown.

Agbada gown consists of:

– Awosoke (outer robe);

– Awotele (undervest);

There are two kinds of undervest – buba and dansiki. They differ only in the presence of sleeves, buba has long elbow-length sleeves, whereas dansiki is sleeveless.

– Sokoto (long throusers);

There are two types of them: sooro and kembi. They differ in length and wideness, sooro – slim-fitting trousers, while kembe – loose knee-length

– Fila (hat).
Usualy agbada gown has a very beautiful embroidery in the center. Have a look at latest agbada styles for your inspiration.

The pictures of agbada for ladies are absolutely remarkable.

Hope that you have enjoyed latest adbada designs.