Oladunni Churchill, the estranged husband of Tonto Dikeh has revealed details of the actress’ violent behaviour which has cost him close to 66 million Naira.

Churchill, who spoke in an exclusive interview with  Media Room Hub made clarifications concerning earlier claims by Dikeh who alleged that her husband assaulted her and their son, King.

According to her estranged husband, it is almost impossible to pacify the actress whenever she begins her aggressive behaviour.

He provided a video evidence to refute claims made by the actress who alleged that her husband inflicted injuries on her body., a clip which revealed a heap of mess that followed one of the tantrums thrown by Dikeh who left her husband’s house in ruins.

Scenes of broken glass and blood-stained floor were captured in the video, all which have contrasted the actress’ account of Churchill’s abusive behaviour.

Churchill recounted: “I picked her up from the airport just a day before. We had a misunderstanding so she decided to move to the hotel. She came the next morning and I was not even home and I sent her a text that I went for a friend’s housewarming party.

“I heard she came around 3, 4am and started breaking down everything. Luckily for me, I switched off the electric fence before I left the house. She pulled down the fence and jumped into the compound.

“There’s this thing about my wife. I’m sorry about this but I have to say it.

“She gets too temperamental due to negative intake – alcohol and marijuana, anything that has something to do with drugs. When her anger starts, six men can’t hold Tonto down talkless of me beating her.

“She destroyed everything in the house. The police people could not stop her. After I paid for her bail from police cell, she promised never to go back to drugs or alcohol. Three weeks after this incident, she was pregnant, he said, and that Tonto was “a perfect woman” all through her pregnancy.”

He said Tonto allegedly became erratic once again after she came back to Nigeria four months after the birth of King.

On Tonto’s domestic violence allegations, Churchill claimed he did not hit her. He said the only scar he is aware of is one on her leg. He explained that the incident which led to the scar occurred in his mum’s house when Tonto was destroying property.

He said her male best friend was crying and trying to hold her; and in the midst of the commotion, Tonto hurt her leg. He shared a video of the aftermath of the alleged incident where his mum’s voice can be heard in the background.

On Tonto’s claims that she lost a four months’ pregnancy, he addressed the timeline and said it is not true.

He said Tonto “makes up the scars” and that he is not a woman beater. Churchill also denied that he infected his wife with STD.

He added that Tonto got trucks to move all her things from their house despite claiming she left their home.